Based on demands from as well partners and customers we are now delivering all we promised and the package comes loaded with new features and also major updates to the documentation.

  • (breaking change) The Service URL was changed from SQL to Database - Make sure change the value, for example http://SERVERNAME:8000/Nodinite/Monitor/Agent/Database/ after the update
  • (breaking change) All "specific" categories have been removed - Make sure to review filters for your Monitor Views after the update
  • (new) Renamed agent from SQL to Database (since this agent now supports monitoring of SQL Server, Azure SQL Database and PostgreSQL)
  • (new) Specific configurations that are not found (access rights, wrong name or simply just missing) are now listed as unavailable resources
  • (new) PostgreSQL support
  • (new) New SQL Instance details page (mimics Properties from SSMS)
  • (new) Now targets the .NET Framework 4.5
  • (new) MSI is signed and is using the Nodinite theme
  • (new) SQL Server TSQL Statements can now be individually enabled/disabled
  • (new) Azure SQL Database TSQL Statements can now be individually enabled/disabled
  • (new) Support for PostgreSQL AdHoc SQL Statements (with additional verification on save from remote configuration)
  • (new) Many additional checks are performed to validate Remote configuration during save (Application collection verification, valid connection strings, duplicate checks, ...)
  • (new) Azure database connection string is now prepopulated with template (default example) for new configurations to be monitored
  • (change) Updated the "Start job at step" dialog
  • (change) Merged look and feel for Enable/Disable result modal
  • (change) Easier to configure, removed the need to set ApplicationId where possible
  • (change) Fixes to SSIS related resources, display of time, sort order, specific settings, improvements in messages for run and better performance. This is now the Official version to use with SSIS
  • (change) SSIS Projects now inherits ApplicationId from SQL Connection
  • (change) Azure SQL Statements are now counted in remote configuration
  • (change) All lists are now sorted within the remote configuration modal
  • (change) All forms are refurbished to match bootstrap 4
  • (change) Per SQL connection ApplicationId is re-used by default and does no longer needs to be set for Category Backups, Jobs, Size Checks. Specific conditions still can alter the ApplicationId being used.
  • (change) Updated to use the latest shared libraries
  • (bug) Edit Size Check configuration rewritten to better cope with multiple configurations pointing to the same ApplicationId.
  • (bug) View Executions for SSIS Packes & SSIS Master Packages didn't show Overview and Messages when row was expanded.
  • (bug) Partial Interval for SSIS Projects could fail at beginning of month

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