Release notes was not properly published for many intermediate releases.  This release note covers all versions ranging from .44

We always try to preserve compatibility and if you are running or later then you can simply and safely update using these instructions. if you are still running a version <=34 then you may have to perform changes in your solutions since returned content is now always in lower case, see note last in this release note.

The documentation has been updated, please contact our support to retrieve a copy of the latest install and development guides.

= .44 

  • (new) Rest API built on ASP.NET Core 2.0.6, review  https://support.integrationsoftware.se/support/discussions/1000058434 
    • Call from Azure Logic Apps using the on premise data gate way/Mule/.. just about any other custom solution. Simply use the same XML requests and internally the very same code is executed. We always recommend you create the mappings using custom XSLT and not the BizTalk mapper in order to facilitate the move to future platforms. 
  • (new) Add support for values with non valid XML characters. A property encoded="true" will be set for properties with encoded values. The response xsd is also updated.
  • If the number of properties was zero for a returned Record the adapter failed.

>= .45

  • (bug) Changed the internal order of operations changing values for some core properties (some values must be set before others)
  • (change) If no flags (add/remove) are being provided part of the Request then the internal method to change flags is now not executed at all (no need)

>= .46

  • (bug) Passwords are now always masked in the debug output

>= .47

  • (bug) If the AD Domain did not have proper replication configured our adapter crashed with a null reference exception for some AD related queries. Added code to provide whatever useful information still exists and not throw an exception

>= .48

  • Added more internal exception handling and debug output for invalid/incomplete requests in order to facilitate resolving reported problems with our adapter (which now usually only happens due to incomplete/invalid requests)


  • (bug) Adding or removing flags always enabled a user account. This behaviour has now been altered to honor the disable flag if you add it.

At the time of this release note there are no longer any reported unresolved bugs with our LDAP Adapter.


if you are running on versions pre .34 we have a breaking change regarding the response. Previous responses were camel cased. Post .34 versions return lower case names for properties returned.

Example response pre version:

Example response post version

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