The Latest version of Nodinite brings new features, usability improvements and much more

Based on as well partner and customer feedback and demands we are now delivering all we promised and the package comes loaded with new features and also major updates to the documentation.

This is the official version (there may be newer minor builds, review updates manually using the new portal )

Nodinite 5.1 requires .NET 4.6

Install and Update Tool:

  • (new) Option to select version to install. Environments with multiple instances of Nodinite can now be updated with selected version (no longer only the highest downloaded package)
  • (new) Native Support for SQL Server Always On (additional options are available during installation if the target environment is AOAG).  Nodinite now has native support for installing and updating environments running SQL Server Always on (2019, 2017, 2016). Default and named instances are supported and the secondary nodes does not need to be readable secondaries (thus saving additional licensing) 
  • (new) Maintenance Mode (signals the Web Client that the product is in maintenance mode

  • (new) The installer now correctly sets the IMLogServiceUsers system parameter when multiple different accounts are being used configuring new instances of Nodinite


  • (new) Logging Service honors the Always on support. For example New Log Databases are automatically being created and synchronized. Also the DACPAC version gets updated on all nodes.
  • (new) Maintenance Mode stops the threads from processing work which means that the databases are left alone so the Installer can more easily perform its work without interruptions
    • Web Client (tabs are alternating text during maintenance mode)
    • Monitoring Service - Stops synchronizing state with Monitoring Agents
    • Logging service - Stops all activities like processing, deleting, reindexing data

Web Client

  • (new) Permission set based way of managing user rights. This feature makes it possibe to reduce the number of Log and Monitor Views since they can be reused with different content/actions depending on applied rights Permissions can now be inherited, and/or blocked individually within
    • Monitor Views
    • Log Views
  • (new) New time line view option available within Log Views. This is inspired by six sigma and the main purpose of this feature is to help our customers gain insights on all the events within the groups outlining the waiting time in between.
  • (new) Alarm history is now a new feature within Monitor Views. This feature is also honoring the new permission set feature. 
  • (new) Remove log event permanently option available from within Log Views. Useful for GDPR scenarios and also during test and development when test messages are re-sent.
  • (new) Export log event option available from within Log Views. Handy for test-purposes when you want to manually re-publish events using the Log API.
  • (new) Search Field Expressions now have a Description property
  • (new/change) The Integration Landscape has been improved
    • Systems can be resized (width and height)
    • Display of Contracts can be reversed (paint right to left)
    • Display of Services can be reversed  (paint right to left)
      This means the Integration Landscape can now be rendered like the example below going from left to right and then back
    • Contracts can not be added twice in the same System (visible in list but greyed out)
    • Deleted systems are now displayed in the Integration Landscape with a color warning and a "Deleted" icon to help visualize that the system is no longer active. 

  • (new) Monitor view relations now is part of the Nodinite Repository Model. This feature was built to help our users to know which monitor views the Integration is bound to.
  • (new) Improved Repository,  Additional list for Systems now also shows what Integrations, Services and Contracts are related
  • (change) Latest Font Awesome (5.11.2)
  • (change) New texts when current filter removes all Resources from the Monitor View
  • (new) New filter text when Monitor View is not yet configured (or there are no net Resources at all)
  • (new) Monitor Views with no net Resources are now listed last and are displayed with a new icon as pictured next


  • No changes for external usage
  • (change) Updated to latest version of Swagger
  • Additional checks are introduced, review the following article if you encounter problems after the setup (later versions than .32 has addtional code to help out for this situation)


  • (new/change) Multiple new APIs implemented to support the internal workings of Nodinite
  • (change) Updated to latest version of Swagger

Alarm Plugins

  • Email Plugins
    • (change) Layout, texts, icons. Now using tabs to simplify user input
    • (new) Send email as plain text option

  • Event Log
    • (change) Layout, texts, icons. Now using tabs to simplify user input
    • (change) output texts have changed slightly (to better match View Alarm History)

Search Field Plugins

  • New Formula plugin (Very advanced multi-purpose plugin) . Extract ANY content from either body or context. For example decode the base64encoded xml message and extract one or more elements within a JSON payload used for example by logic apps. Read more here

Download from new portal: (requires registration)

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