Update 2016-12-13, note: this version contains a BizTalk Log Agent bug, flat files will not get the correct Message Type. please wait for next version or take a previous one.

! Breaking Changes !

  • Move the BizTalk Log Agent configuration from system parameters to Log Agents (can only be changed using SQL right now) on upgrade the settings will be moved.
    Installer can not be used to configure/activate BizTalk Log Agent in this version, after changes in settings have been done the IM Logging Service must be restarted.
    See more in the documentation

New Feature

  • Support logging from multiple BizTalks (See more in the documentation)
  • IM Monitoring Service will backup configuration for Monitor Agents each 4 hour. More features for this function will be added later
  • API support to load the backuped source configuration, /api/SourceConfigurationBackups/{id} 

Bug fix


  • If a user changes the Log Agent Value Id for a Log Agent, the search would not include the event in the result or crach loading the event, user will no get the correct result and a warning/error that the Event could not show from where the message was logged


  • #2234 Problem with filter on Log Views cnfg_MessageViews_CountAll

  • Problem with date time compare in copy events from BizTalk in some cases, this is now solved.

Release date: 2016-11-02

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