• Feature Request #1647 Add save button in right top corner to mimize scrooling.
  • Feature Request #1645 Change order in LogView admin to match repository model order
  • Feature Request #1644 Add new item button in right top corner to make multiple insert easier.
  • Feature Request #1641 Add uri to End Point to allow user to distinguish a specific End Point
  • Feature Request #1607/#1636 Add category and application to make it possible to see what's monitored
  • Fix Bug 1639 Click on save as zip or export csv when search result is empty resulted in error page 500.
  • Feature Implemented order by for Log Agent Source
  • Fix Bug 1603 Log Agent Source filter not working on value id.
  • Fix Bug 1562 Click on ... in serach result when multiple pages resulted in error.

Known problems

  • File upload in IE9 doesn't work, Stylesheet and Custom Fields with type Value Type File is affected
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